Laima Bloznelyte-Plesniene

Specialty: Surgeon-oncologist.

Area of activity: general oncology, oncologic surgery, laser surgery, sensitized tumor therapy, malignant tumor diagnostics.

Scientific degree:    Habilitated Ph.D., Vilnius University, 08-09-1997 Ph.D., Vilnius University, 03-05-1993.


In 1984, completed the Medical Faculty of Kaunas Medical Institute

In 1984-1986, “Oncology” residency in the Lithuanian Institute of Oncology

In 1990, Ph.D.: the topic of dissertation is “Photodynamic and gammadynamic therapy”, Lithuanian Oncology Center

In 1997, Habilitated Ph.D. .: the topic of dissertation is “Photodynamic therapy in oncology clinic”, Vilnius University

In 2003, together with the co-authors awarded with the laurate‘s name of the Lithuanian Science Prize 2002 for the work cycle “Photosensitized tumor therapy: physical, biochemical, preclinical and clinical studies

In 2012 received Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen medal (Hanover, Germany) for her work in “Radiosentitized tumor therapy“.


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