Mónica Gilabert Hernando

2009-2014 Dentistry Degree. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Spain

2017-2019 MSc in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Eastman Dental Institute. UCL. London

I have always believed that warm smiles are a universal language. I became interested in dentistry, not only for its connection with smiles but also because it is a hands-on profession that combines two of my passions: science and helping others.  After receiving my Degree in 2014 from the International University of Catalonia (“UIC”) and my MSc in 2019, I have become a Spanish DDS MSc who possess a genuine passion for the profession. This degree plus my work experience throughout the years, have given me the chance to benefit from world-class academic programmes, innovative basic and translational oral science research methodologies.


Private Dental Practice in Poplar
Poplar Dental & Medical Clinic

21 Morris road, Poplar
London E14 6FF
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7515 0344
Mobile: 075 7872 8787

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Sun: Closed

In case of out of hours emergency call 111 or go to your nearest A&E hospital department.

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 Clinic in Beckton

Private Dental Clinic in Beckton
North Woolwich Dental Practice

145A Albert Road, North Woolwich
London E16 2JD
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7474 6987
Mobile: 078 8389 5355

Opening time:
Mon: 11:00-20:00
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Wed: 11:00-20:00
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Sat: 09:00-17:00
Sun: By appointments only

In case of out of hours emergency call 111 or go to your nearest A&E hospital department.

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